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Swedish Precision - Chinese Prices.

Over 60 years experience.

Our operations were established in 1955 and we have since then developed a unique knowledge that allows us to deliver products featuring extremely high tolerances. Today you find our spools on all continents, including drilling for ice samples in Antarctica and shifting gears for Ferrari in Italy.



Manufacturing process.

We supply a complete manufacturing process including turning, milling, thermal deburring, grinding and chrome plating, from drawing to finished product.
One size technology.

Avoid color coding. We will produce your product to your specification.                                           Read more>>>




Competent work force is our main asset.
We have a loyal staff with many years of experiece.


With a production process that is certified acc to ISO 14001
since August 2011 we are minimizing our impact on global resources.



With a production process that is certified acc to ISO 9001
since February 1993 we are prepared to meet your demands.








        Karlsson Spools AB       Verkstadsgatan 6       Sala       Sweden

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