Grimaldi Industri
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Grimaldi Industri is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and is the parent company of the Grimaldi Industri Group with 1 100 employees around the world. The majority of the companies within the group are wholly-owned. The Group operates in many different industries, for example, precision manufacturing and system technology, as well as bicycle and lifestyle.

Salvatore Grimaldi

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He is one of the few who can bear the concept of “crazy entrepreneur” with dignity, respect and seriousness. The Italian Salvatore Grimaldi landed in Sweden in the 1950s and was met by a welcoming country which has been one of the foundations of his success. With his approach to everything being possible, Salvatore has more or less unknowingly created the image of the fearless and aspiring business leader.


For 50 years, Grimaldi Industri has built its group around companies that have been carefully restructured based on their conditions and opportunities. By creating flexible organizations and developing the companies’ strengths, Grimaldi Industri has today a mix of innovative, profitable and successful companies in different business segments. Today Grimaldi Industri has a turnover of 300 million Euro and is owned to 100% by Salvatore Grimaldi.

Success Factors


Invest in leadership


Create flexible organizations


Focus on core activities


Hold flexible cost structures


Identify and utilize synergies